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Aterweald: Witch Hunt is a horror adventure game that I've started developing to see how far can I reach in that genre. I've never worked on a horror video game before but I see dozens and dozens of people enjoying this genre so I've decided to give it a shot.

I asked myself: "What is the reason why people like to be terrified?" -Masochism? I don't think so. It's all about the suspense, the thrill and the ability to dip yourself into the atmosphere of the game. And this is quite understandable.So. A few jump scares, a nice gloomy atmosphere, maybe a few brain-teasers and there you got it, a decent horror video game? Right? No.
When we are talking about horror genre, we are talking about design. A couple of randomly put jump scares are nothing but annoying. It requires some skills and some sensibility to manage to put those things into a game and make it look frightening.
I've chosen the medieval theme for my game, let's be honest, the dark ages were quite a spine-chilling times. Then I had to choose a main antagonist and the first thing that can possibly pop out in my mind was of course- witches. Those nasty ma'ams and their demented high-pitched laughs can irritate even the toughest guy out there.Now I have the theme and the antagonist for my game I wrote a quick guidelines for how the story will go and then I've started what I do best. Coding. My fingers were dancing on the keyboard for weeks. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap...

Link to a gameplay video on YouTube (thanks to MangaMinx):


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